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Important Dates

  • 2015 - 20?? | Posting BoMwarrior videos

  • From 2015 throughout 2016 | Building Geeks & Sundays .

  • November 2015 | Posting FLoNC episode 1

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Welcome to Hawc Productions

We're a growing production company with a emphasis on film, doing our darnedest to provide uplifting entertainment & education to the people of the world. We're still young as a company, we expect it to be a little tough, but we know we can do it together.

That's where you come in, we want to be able to say as a 1990's song did: "Hey! You're Part of It!" and give you the opportunity to be a part of the good things we have planned. Hey, you're the one that we need to help us grow so why not give you the keys to the making of a great company? So please give us ideas, suggestions, and general commentary on what you'd like to see made.

‚ÄčOh, and maybe send a little money too. That's supposedly important to keep things moving. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks! Have a great day! =)